A friendship

Forgive me not to post in this blog for a while ( I know for a long while)
But today back to blogging, this, is dedicated to a friend. A long lost friend.

I cant agree more with you. We were once so close. So damn close but WERE, is a past tense.
Sadly you do not even realized what had happened.
Heart broken.
Trust broken.
So do our true friendship.

We cant denial.
We can never get back.
We cant denial.
Broken heart could not stick back as well.
Until you realized it,
until you finally get regret on what you did...
Everything is just too late.

I have never been so hurt and disappointed for a friend.
When the more heart you give, the more hurt you will get.
But still, I was non-stop trying again and again, trying to get a hear back.
Of course I am saying friendship here.

And here the heart is given and it's broken and so do our friendship, too.
I was not saying who is right or wrong in this.
Everyone got their views.
Maybe you were not wrong at all, in your point of view.
For me, it's just like that.

We can still be friend.
I guess we should.
Perhaps just keep some distance. :)

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lee yee 提到...

who who? i know mou geh?

jill wong 提到...

LOL~u dunno one :P