Officially 3rd Year

It’s been a busy week since the new semester started…Many assignments ahead during this short semester and most importantly feeling stress for thesis 1 even just a registration process…I have to make a very careful and precise decision so I did not make myself in a wrong turn and regret that I could not get out from there. And I hope I did. Made a correct decision.

Life is just too much to get on and until the more I gain, the more I feel lost. And sometimes I think it will be worth for it as this is all my choice. I don’t like to doubt my own judgment and decision. Because once I have made it, I must be sure that I can do it and I will do my best. This is simply me.

And lucky to say, I passed my exam last semester. Considered lucky as I do not put so much hope on it and most of my friends not as lucky as me. I did not passed with flying colors but really with bad grades. Still, I appreciated whatever I got and will try my best to put on more efforts on whatever I do for coming semesters and this last challenging year!

One more thing to update, going to move during end of June, again. The third times that I making move for this 3 years living at KL. Said I don’t like to move my house which bring so much trouble to myself and my friends. But still forced to. Will have my new life soon. Hopefully with my beloved. Am really awaiting for it. ♥