The Anniversary and…

Today  Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary for Graduation Day since secondary school, meaning to say that I have been graduated for a total 3 years already~!! I missed those days. And my friends too.
I was merely forgot in the morning if not Ah Soong sent me the message (like every year she used to do that~). Thousand appreciate.

I was so sick that had been stressed for few days because rushing for assignment. And this is also the first time I still stay up late when I was so sick and uncomfortable—just to do the assignment. Once again this story telling us not to procrastinate but once and once again we will do the same thing and I-don’t-know-why. Another lesson learnt is that I cant really rely on others to do things and feel so unsecure and nervous without really check it by myself, unless I believe the person so much (perhaps I convince myself to). Without any choice, I can just tell myself for this time: “lesson learnt, be brilliant.”
Not forget to talk about the crazy act that mostly all of us changed our profile picture to the same at Facebook (the one I edit for my beloved friends).  
Quite a lot of us changed our profile picture after we had proposed the idea XD (only 7 can be shown but I swear its more than that~!)
And here is the conversation between us in our special group.
Cant really recognize who and who?That’s every single comment contributed by different people~! =P

我也只能把剩下的那段时光抱着期待的心情,期待的下一次的相聚。 :)

Suppose to sleep early since did not get much sleep yesterday but still want to play on illustrator. I found myself cant help to stop when come across drawing and design on something. Just want and try to do the best that I can. And below was the rough design on flyers and poster for our coming CCS stage play for next year.
Comments are welcomed~ Open-mouthed smile
The script was quite well-written and all the performers are in well-training. Just very excited to be part of it.
So my day so far is just like that. And the sickness continue to strike if I didn’t get enough sleep today. Night world Smile