Soft melody in life

Today was a special and relax reunion with old school friends. We finally had our very typical Ipoh uncle and aunty lifestyle in this early morning. After our dim sum session in the early morning, we persuade ah soong to skip her intern work and had a walk to D.R. Park—a very historical place for me during my childhood.

It’s been many years I did not come to this place and what is left here are all my childhood memories. I just remember this place, was the place where my family spend our weekend, while my father was still around. Mum used to bring all of us to dapao dim sum and we will have our breakfast inside the car, after that we will play around the park. We also took lots of photo with my other father-side relatives as old photo albums were still kept until now.


It had changed a lot. Imagine I was like more than 10 years not step inside the park. We saw there was rubbish around and the environment was not that clean anymore. Maybe when comes to children, we did not really pay so much attention to some particulars and as children, we did not even realize this place was not that big.


This place is where we all back to childhood love to play with. This playground used to be so BIG to me, when I was 5 I think. Not anymore now……


After the walk, we went to eat the most famous toufu fa+ soya—namely BAK BAK (white white for direct translate). Still, we are like grown up acting like a kid. Smile with tongue out

Back then, it is always crazy and relax to be with my lovely friends. Talking about the past, joking around, and talk about something nonsense… We are just so great with that.

There will be since a couple of days I will be here luckily.
And this is the most usual thing that I will do when I come back here—haircut.

Now this is a very short one, for the fringe~!!!I really not used to it and cant really accept it. Though have to >.<
Not feeling to dye my hair during this period, and might wait until my brother’s wedding in December.


And yes I had shopped for few days and hunted quite a few new clothes. It is cheap btw~!!!


And this is another one I wore on my sister’s birthday celebration. And I still have two more waiting for another special day to be wore.

Back to Ipoh,
I am a dater
I am an out-goer
I am a baby sitter
I am a bad daughter
I am not a good aunt
I am not a good friend
I am a bad student
I am so damn lazy.

I just want my life to run in a slow pace like a soft melody in a song.
I just live in my way.
It is just here, I can live in this way and to be myself.