I Love Art!

I’ve think of a long time to design a logo for this blog and my future design thing. And don’t get me wrong that I want to become a designer in the future. It’s just my interest to use computer, some software to draw something. R.A.M.D.O.M.L.Y. I mean. I was not talented enough to have my very-own-special-design. But I just want something to symbolize myself, as least can put at my private side such as blogger Smile 

And I have used like a whole day to figure out how to make this thing to become better looking. And finally this it~!


With this, I can put it into my copyrighted photo, t-shirt design, and many thing else. And yes, I love peace.


I spend like a whole day play with my illustrator and also downloaded Photoshop finally.


I’ve put every photo with my copyrighted logo as watermark. Can see see that?Smile with tongue out




Oh ya forgot to talk about my Melaka one day trip. See the photo above? It is a really random and casual trip that without any packing or preparation. A road trip for two, but the whole trip for five. Again the food there always give me surprise. This time I tried nyonya dishes, durian puff, coconut milk shake, nicer sate celup, and also a very special sponge cake. Of course durian puff and coconut milk shake surprise me the most~! Even it used my half an hour just to wait for a few cups of coconut special, but I think it’s worth for it. I would certainly want to go back purposely for these food Smile with tongue out


And of course never forget the beach too Winking smile  The place which can see lots of kites, can ride horse, play bubbles, and for sure take lots of stupid photo (pointing to photo above**)

A trip can always help us to forget who we are and how much stress we faced in life. But what makes after a trip cruel is that we must back to reality and face whatever shit we face in life A.G.A.I.N.

I can’t believe my week is gone just like that. Next Wednesday gonna have a big event. This blog might be updated again after that.

S.T.A.Y T.U.N.E.D for more~

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violet blue 提到...

i love there too.. let's go back there again n try the nice food once more!!!