Full Moon Night

Finally the “full moon night” had come to an end. The whole month of celebration for mid-autumn considered end too.


Really don’t know what to say besides tired and suffer all along these preparation days. I knew someone really put hard work and even their heart on it. I knew some just like passing by walking around like a child playing sand there. Fortunately, we managed to make it quite a success in a way, and I seriously need to thank friends that helped me a lot along these stress time.

Pictures not really says a thousand words sometimes. But it do captured down the memorable moment. Sometimes thing just very weak to be destroyed, but with photo, at the moment we captured, everything is there, even after it had been destroyed and no there anymore. And this is also the reason why I like photography. I like to capture down some meaningful things, events and people. Memory might be fade away, but I like whenever I look back a photo album, I will smile Smile

Every bitter and sour time we had tasted, already changed to sweet and beautiful memory in our life. And I believe every photo might tells about me, about you, or about life. It’s just that simple.