The self

Just because we experienced different situation, you cant expect me to have same thinking like you too. I want to be success, I want to hit my target, I want to get what I want to get, I want to have my own life too. But the fact is, not everyone is the same. We are same human but with different fate and destiny. We all have brain but just with different thinking, mindset and perception. And this is us. What make us different is we are who we are. Sometimes we still cant get through the reality we are facing or acknowledging now. Yes, we always know and understand. But will we perhaps do something for it to make a change? It’s damn hard I tell you. Because we always need to be good in front of everyone, mind to introduce some psychological terms, we are all human being that always put self presentation at first and also look after our public self awareness. Just because be are so care about what others think about us, we stuck, we stunt, and we just want to protect our self-esteem. Whatever we mind is our SELF.

We could never neglect this is what society have told us. To being selfish, being care for yourselves and look after yourselves first before you have the ability to look for others, and if you happened not able to help yourselves or whoever that you love at the first place, you are just a failure and how could you really help the others?

Perhaps this is just my thoughts and mindset that I must have the ability to protect myself first,then my family and friends, and finally only come to strangers maybe. But of course I was not doing this stage by stage, and there is no stage for me. As what I am doing now, making all these working at the same time. I will just help with my all ability that I have. But to maintain all things to work, I must protect my SELF regardless of anything else.

No I have no choice but moving on now. Seeing barriers and overcome barrier by barrier. Solving problem by problem. It’s because I believe “when there’s a will, there’s a way~” It’s always motivate me whenever I get depressed or being passive. I have no reason to give up but continue with my life and this is what I will be going through. Stayed strong =)