Keep going on

Busy till I don’t even have time to really think of what had happened for the end of the day. For the time I free, my mind still thinking on '”what else I have not do?” “what else I need to do?” and “what else is still waiting for me to do?” It’s like everyday my mind cant really stop thinking on this aside sleeping. I don’t really have time to take good rest, and too many things to worry and take care of. Things are always gone uncontrolled and overload. But still I need to overcome all this by myself. I do understand sometimes we are just helpless. I mean maybe lack of luck. Maybe we are not putting enough efforts. Or maybe we should do more things to change whatever we want to change. Or maybe just wait, to wait for certain important moment, to be changed.

Many people said I am so busy body. Yes I am. But still I have time to sleep, time to enjoy, and time to do things that I like to do. I just enjoy whatever I do now, it’s just that simple yet hardly to understand. =)

有些是并不是想象中那么差,还在努力的学习着反方向思考 Smile