If you could live on more day in life

Just read a blog written by a girl from JB and how strong she stayed up and yet fragile to fight against cancer, fight for her life.

I just shared it crazily on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk or even here, every social network that I connect to.

Here is her blog  -- http://dancingpapercranes.blogspot.com/

And I think this is what I could do now perhaps, give her mentally support or just doing some simply thing as what a human being should do.

Would you noticed that whenever you shared something with people, a stranger, people will doubt “Is that true?” or “It does not really related to me” “Why should I care for this?” so forth. And they will back to their story on how pity or how fucking life they had. I am not meant to blame or angry about the selfish people as we are all selfish people. I do understand we all are, included me. I was just so useless to talk and share here by doing nothing really can help her directly. I felt ashamed as I am 20 now, sometimes still complaining about life and wanted so much in life. But this girl, what she wanted so much now is just a healthy body. A body that she can do whatever simple things that we normally can do.

Empathy do attack me. Seriously I wanted to help this girl so much but I just found out I cant really do anything by myself. I mean people will say “How many people you could actually help as she is just one of the portion of people who are fighting for cancer? and what you going to do? Like expose her to public? Will she wanted this to happen?” It’s all unknown. And I cant really answer all these questions. Yes we did maybe feel so touched and sad sometimes whenever we saw her post and saw how strong she are and might be emotional sometimes when things getting out of control. Still we cant really help.

But what I would do is reading her blog everyday to keep remind myself how grateful I am that I still can breath everyday when I wake up and still can see things around, listen to whatever noise or sound, making noise or sound myself, smell the fresh air, able to walk to bathroom and brush my teeth everyday in the morning. Would that be sounded not-so-bad at least? That’s the reality and harsh thing that not every people can do it. I was impressed for a 18 years old girl can think like that. Not many could do that as if for me, I will tend to think optimistically but I rather die if I want to suffer so much in life. But she is just so different that she could foresee the reality and able to cope with the reality. I think those experiences taught her a lot, on how to survive at this society, in this complicated world.

I asked myself a question, what would I do if I have one more day in life? I cant really answer this question until when I really experience it and forced to face it. But I do appreciate the time that I have now. Doing things that I think I should do, and things that I like to do, as there is no tomorrow for me. Cheer for this girl—Leonie. I might not a prayer for you but I do hope everything going fine for you and will go and check for your updates often. And I will stay up for life doing my usual stuffs like sharing those stories that can evoke some deep thinking and inspiration in life.

Be grateful, be cheerful Smile