A week just like a year

Don’t misunderstanding this title above. It does not mean that it was a long long week, but just too many things happened at once and looked like over one year already. And yes, many things could be happened in a week. This so called holiday coming to an end since I back KL. There were lots of meetings going on this week and I just back from Bentong,Pahang because of Project C. It was a project under COS. Doing some activities for the primary and secondary students at two different schools. We were happy to see the children are so happy there. I hope they have learned something even the time we were spending there were very short. I myself have learned and experienced many different things too.

I realized EDUCATION really takes a very long period of time in order to success. It is just not a five hours or one day thing. It might influence some of their thoughts. But we really need to take a lot of effort and patient to do all these things. Enthusiasm and passion are needed. I just felt amaze to see there are still teachers that have passion and heart to teach every student, IS EVERY STUDENT,no matter they are good or bad. We have just so small compared to their BIG HEART~If there are lot more teachers like that at every school, I think there will be less students involve in bully case or criminal or whatever social problems. At least they will try to be a good citizen, good son or daughter, or a good student, with appropriate behavior even their academic performance are not good enough.

For friends that joined this project, I just want to thank them for being part of this and take serious of the awareness on education for the children today. If there are more good people who are not selfish and always willing to help others, the world would better. At least I think no matter how busy I am, how tired I am, I have spend my time wisely and meaningfully.

Next week will be entered year two. Upgrade to become a senior, the feeling is weird as you will lots of questions from juniors as I will ask lots from my seniors too. The questions were cute, and I don’t know want to say they are cute or what. But I was glad to share my experiences with them as well as guiding them along, just like what my seniors did to me Hot smile

This newly year and first semester timetable is totally sucks. No body will like it I think. Just the best thing was “It-is-just-a-SHORT-SEMESTER” Pheww~Still, there are lots of things waiting for me to do. I was once felt burden and wanted to give up on something, but I will still try my best to complete my responsibilities as I promised. I hope I could maintain and keep my promise for my academic performance too just like what always keep for my clubs. It’s second year! Should have put more effort on my study since things will be tougher and important for honor calculation. Hope I can balance for both clubs things and study.

很明显事情的发生的确能够考验人与人之间的感情。无论什么都好,我只想做好自己的本分,至少令自己开心,希望把正能量带给身边的所有人Winking smile


Project C members with 2 teacher in the middle.


Bonding session at waterfall after the project!

That’s my life. Filled with wonderfulness and happiness. 

What is yours? Choose yourselves.