It just happened. I mean I never expected it to be happened. At least not involved people that I love. But it just happened like this and sadly I cant really accept it. As part of it. I am so disappointed with you. Even I had proud of you before. Even I was so happy to have you before. It was and now no more. You have no image at all and hardly to gain respect from me anymore. I cant say ever, to hate you, you are not deserved it for me to even care of. Because you did not treat me like what I was treating you. You are letting me down. And it was fine for me. I was disappointed and angry as you are letting the one that I love down too. YOU ARE DESPERATELY NOT DESERVED IT~!The care, and love from her, BECAUSE YOU NEVER APPRECIATE IT! You never aware that there are so much things you own now and you think it’s all come from you efforts ONLY.  Fuck you if you think like that. You sucked up as a grown up. You fucked up as a human. You screwed your own life.

Things are just out of control. Maybe this can be your excuse. But it never work for me because I believe if you have mind and think like a human being, it all would not happened. Everyone was thinking why you turn out to be that?Why I have such a 'you’ like that? I really don’t know how to face you at all. If I have a chance to meet you next time. Should I talk to you? Blame you? Scold you? Or slap you? No. I think I would not do anything. Because you will just losing everything including my care for you. Everything is useless as everything you are doing now is hurting everyone that close to you. We are speechless. Nothing to say about anymore since you are so “CLEVER” like can solve everything yourselves, you said like very simple. AND I WILL SEE HOW YOU DO IT AND SOLVE IT.

I knew I still cant let it down easily since I care of you so much. And you will never know it. You are just so selfish and live in your own beautiful world. Make sure once you get in, and never come out, so you will never regret for what you are doing. Or else, please get out NOW~!

*sigh-ing* Please forgive me to do that again since someone told me it was bad. I just think that beside sighing I don’t know what else I could do. At least it can clam down myself. I think I will accept it one day. Since the one love you so much could accept it and still love you. She is just so amazing but you will never realize how precious it is. Because you have lost. Lost in some wonderland. Only you yourselves can rescue yourselves out there.





尽管一滴雨都没有下犹如干旱,今晚的心情却是如此晴天霹雳 Storm cloud