I miss those days.

Oh yesterday was so fun. The story began when Ms. Chee Winnie(thank me for mention u here…LOL) tagged us in a post, and ask us to add one of our Malay teachers during Form 2/3, which I also forgot since so long time. And we started our gossips at her post.

See her post also reached 41 comments.


And as what I mentioned in my post in our private chat room, those gossips were too obvious and sensitive, so I started on the topic again in our chat room. The PRIVATE one of course Winking smile

This is the result that I get since yesterday night. These particular post reached 100 comments within 20 minutes. (see my friends are all so active at FB ~.~) This 187 comments keep on increasing until now, when I am blogging, yes NOW, it have reached 194 comments. (Don’t mind me keep track on it, since this number is amazing and meaningful for us. =))


It was so amazing to say, being with them is just so great. Till I nearly forget, I have an exam for today. Supposed to study, but end up with jokes and gossips about the past. Yes, we all miss the past. The time where we are all had crazy memories together. Ponteng class, playing around, making jokes and nicknames for the teachers. I liked what Winnie said “SMKM without us = no fun” Totally support man~! Haha~! The school is the place we had so much fun there, regardless the teachers like it or not, we just being ourselves there. But we all know, the teachers are missing us =P

Too much past to talk about, as we shared too much memories together. If we sit down, have a cup of tea and talk about it, we can spend a whole day long for it. The best thing was, not that we had great lame jokes, not that we making fun with all the teachers, but I saw REAL FRIENDSHIP, we do appreciate each other, though we are far apart, we hardly to meet each other once in a blue moon, we still can have that long long conversation, no matter in what form.

I know we can never had time get back to the past. But I just want to tell you all, even tell the world that, I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH~! And I Miss every single moment that we had spend together.

class photo

Another thing that makes me feel more warmth is that I saw friends really blogged in a sense that we(as friends) are chasing and looking for their updates. And yes, I will be the first one hand up, since I am a crazy blog walker, but only primarily for friends’ blog =X  I am WATCHING YOU too as you are watching me now. haha.

So this is end of my day? Wanted to recommend some nice movies. I just cant help and like to download movies whenever exam is around. Don’t ask me why, I just felt to do so =( Maybe some intrinsic motivation initiates me when I was stress, and so wanted to enjoy after exam? =P

Watched recently- No string attached (2011), by Natalie Portman, the one I was so into after “Black Swan”, she is amazing. Another on-going downloading movie called “The other woman(2009)”, acted by her also, HD version, NICE =D  Another movie that I just watched today, 127hours (2011). I have it in HD version too. I was just too excited to see those high definition thing already~!!!  Yet, this is also another inspiring movie, if you feel to give up on something, watch it. A Thailand movie “初恋这件小事(2010)” or“The little first love”(I translated myself), quite a nice and fun movie to share. First Thailand movie in kind of love story based that I ever watched, now only I know Thailand wasn’t just good in ghost and scary movies, but they can make good love story too. Most importantly, the main characters are leng zai leng lui~LOL. They don’t look very “Thai”, but more to a mixed =S

Enjoyed it and feel free to get it from me =D