Fed up

Again, there is no one I can turn to for this late night, so here I am. To throw something on this site. Suppose to be a happy,enjoyable day since have gone out with long-time-no-see friends…But received lots of bad news about cancel for this and that made my plans gone. Alright, it is not only one of it,but most. I would say is it a cancellation day? I am screwed up! Can you imagine the feeling when you see bad news by bad news as you reading the emails? You wouldn’t want to feel it because it is just feel bad,so bad~ Like all your planning gone…and you don’t know what to do next to plan it again. Mind left blank. I do not hate for the cancellation but please don’t do it in the last minute. I could even forgive about the cancellation due to valid reason, but why should it happened for all plans at the same time? Sigh. For nothing. Nothing I got. Feel unhappy but what should I do? Shouldn’t blame on anyone because they have their own reason too. Should blame on myself because I should have backup plan for everything else? There are lots of alternatives. Or I could even just stay alone for everything and just enjoy my holiday at hometown. Like I messed up the thing myself.

Should have understand what is out of expectation. Should have understand planning always screw up because of changes. Should know that no point to angry or feel disappointment about everything, especially something that no one want it to happen. I try to understand. Please just let me voice out my unhappiness here. Just need to clam down myself in this weird way. Perhaps it just make me feel better.

A long~~~~~SIGH~~~~~~~

Take a deep breath……

That’s it. Still gonna back my hometown tomorrow. I AM FINE. =)