The Past·And now we grown up·当我们小时候

Finally brother and his wife go back to Singapore. These few days were just plainly family days, being a good girl,not going out with friends, more or less, because have many family outing. I do enjoy to out with family too, aside from the troublesome children crying around and nothing much I could do beside eating. And yea, brother came back for wedding’s photo shooting. People said “the most beautiful moment in your life would be the day you are getting married.” I agree with that.


This will be the most beautiful moment in their life.

Precious moment in my family =]


Because of this little handsome boy here, I found back lots of my childhood photo, as well as my siblings one Smile with tongue out


He is damn cute and adorable, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS NOT CRYING~! LOL~

justin vs. jill

Here will be my comparison between little Justin and me.He is very much look like the baby me…Rolling on the floor laughing


Here is ME~!!Cute?hahaha….

I am quite proud of myself when I was young Winking smile

Even I know now was not that good looking,but still I ‘ve been cute.

That’s enough~!=D


Left one was my sister with her bee’s clothes XD

Right one was me, playing and biting my little buddy donald duck XD


Right one was the four sisters brothers in my family. The tallest should be my eldest brother,followed by my another brother and sister, the one who sat on the baby car was me, the youngest in the family.

In fact, I am a quite ‘ss’ person. “Syok sendiri”. This is  a the way how I improve my self-esteem.Haha. Anyway, go back to my topic. Friends that are not close to me, are very hardly to see any of this photo. But friends who are close to me, and had come to my house before, I am damn sure all these photo were not strange to you.

This is my childhood. This is what I want to blog about today. Since 20 years I living in this world. I had never realize that I had such an amazing childhood. I was not alone since I was born. I had my brothers and sister to play with me, to take care of me. I even had a doll that was same height and size, to play with me. I took lots of photo. Mum likes to keep me neat and cute in front of the camera.

I think everyone should have a moment like this before during your childhood. There must be something belongs to you and your family, to make it special in between the relationship and the bond with you and your family. As I believe so. Everyone should had a memorable childhood, no matter happy or not, just believe your parent are always trying to give everything to you as a child, even until now I believe so. It is so true if you look carefully in your life. Glance through it and never missed a moment that you had laughed and smile when your parents looked at you. Appreciate it if you missed it =)












我们依然是和蔼的一家人 Smile