Just live for it

Not really remember what I was writing for the previous post which I have already lost it. Yes I have wrote something few days ago but I did not post and now I found it was lost. Trying to search back in my memory, maybe is about my busy life and how I cope with the stress with tones of assignments, COS(stands for Community Outreach Service, which I always mention in my blog) and also CCS(Chinese Culture Society, a new society that I joined at HELP, which is also Chinese based) activities.

Alright, what I mean busy is that, regardless of usual school time, I will have meeting for every week, different assignments to pass up nearly every Friday except this next week, need to spend at least one day per week for my part time job, need to get some outing with my friends to maintain friendship…bla bla bla… So you can see normally I can update my blog everyday, at least one post per day or two day, but now I totally have not enough time to write my thoughts.

However, I want to say that I am enjoying what I am or was doing. I never regret what I’ve joined or took part in. This is just part of my life. Do whatever you like, make your life YOUR LIFE.

I knew many people are crazy and afraid of “THE END OF THE WORLD” when Japan got 8.9 earthquake and tsunami recently. Everyone just freak out~ Everyone is afraid of death and scare the bad thing will happen to them. I don’t know how can I face this so peacefully and don’t ask me why. I am not that cold-blooded and say, I AM CONCERN ABOUT LIFE. Frankly, it doesn’t really happen on me and I don’t know what will I react if it really happen to me. I can say I have no sense of worry or tension when face to death, but I am a coward if you ask me to kill myself or jumping down from a building. This is what I can say.

What I posted for my status: “Everyday, there were some people die, but why when there was only a big traumatic event, people only realize we should grateful for life or have to pray hard for the unfortunate people? I thought we should have this kind of thinking no matter how the world is or will be. Incept this thinking as the very basic principle in your everyday life, when the day come, maybe you can face the death peacefully.”  This is what I want to tell the people whoever scare or believe in ‘2012’ or ‘end of the world’, live as what you live in. What are you freaking out for? There is a probability that you are going to die for the next second. WHO KNOWS? Could you tell me when you are going to die, unless you end your life yourselves? Don’t you realize people are just helpless whenever things are out of control? You could pray hard or even harder for the one who suffered from the traumatic event, but what’s left you can actually do to help them? Do something meaningful man~ Participate in donation, get into physical help, that is what they needed. Do as what you said.

And next what I want to sum up is that, JUST LIVE IN YOU LIFE. Make it meaningful as you live in it. You can pray hard for whatever bad things never happen to you and just live in your world. But trust me you gonna hold on a very powerful principle in life, that is “LIVE FOR TODAY AS THERE WAS NO TOMORROW.” You never know whether you have ‘tomorrow’.

If you ask me what is the most powerful thing in the world, I will say “human mind”. A piece of thought can make anything different. If I could control mind, I would not manipulate it, I will influence it and let it be what it should be.