Bonding camp ♥ COS

Went to bonding camp at Janda Baik again~ For HELP Community Outreach Service (COS).

The difference for this time, I was not the camper or participants or the one who played by the seniors anymore.

This year, I, as a senior, part of committee and organizer, grab the chance to play all my beloved and adorable juniors (which some are elder than me but I still can play them on my fingertips~!muahaha~)

They are cute indeed. Talented and respectful. Must can do much more better than us. I know you all can =)


Committee can also be adorable  Smile with tongue out


The 6th batch HELP COS


The whole group 5th x 6th


Lunch time, nice committee only eat after them =)


Yeah~!It was a big success! Good luck to you guys =)

Talking about my days, were not so good. Totally not enough sleep. For rushing procrastinated assignments and obviously cant sleep as a organizer in the camp. Fed up for everything. So I didn’t really have time to update my blog before or after the camp. Anyway, I think it was a good memory for the 6th batch, not excluded us, as part of it.

In a nutshell, I am totally require lots lots of sleep and rest for the energy and attention that I used over a week. Chiao and Nitez =)