Gloomy day

Thinking what to write for today- A gloomy Tuesday. The sun never shine and my mood is just like the weather- gloomy and a little bit moody because of the flu and coughing never ended. Suffering because still need to do the damn-headache-assignments.

And my house was added a new member, can’t say for a while as ‘'he’ will follow his ‘mother’ to move to our condo soon. Here is the nightmare begin. The new member is a DOG. Yes I like dogs. But somehow I hate to take care of dog. >.< especially those fierce and out-of-control one. He obviously can be the reverse one. I mean GOD not DOG. He was just like the king of the world when he barking at you, started to show his teeth on you, like tell you: “Don’t ever touch me or I WILL BITE YOU.” Obviously he wins, I mean always. I was not angry of it, as I know it just a dog, like a little kid, sometimes can be adorable and cute IF HE JUST KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT. [Anyway, don’t mind me to blame a bit if you see this Glady. No hard feeling =) ]

Somehow I just don’t understand what people think about. I think the “NOTHING BOX” not only existed in man, but also the teenagers nowadays. Erm, I think I was like that sometimes too =P  I was like ‘nothing’ if you saw me looking at somewhere and looked like thinking of something, sometimes, it just can be meaningless and blank in my mind.

Had finished my assignment for this week earlier. Thanks to my groupmate-Carmen that motivated me a lot, so there wasn’t procrastination happen for this week =D And I can off to my vacation to Melaka with my Ipoh buddies on this Friday, hopefully no changes and this trip can ON successfully. Maybe this is the time for me to have some break before final. Meanwhile, I hope to have some fun with my lovely friend that will go to Japan to further her study soon. (You know I go because of you. LOL.)

I think this is my day so far. Hope tmr I can see the sun shine =)

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violet blue 提到...

so touching meh??? haiz.. just too much free time now, starting to reevaluate friendship between friends.. kinda sad.. disappointed too.. i know it's time for me to find something to stick with that i can have another meaningful life..

Crystal 提到...

The sun doesn't shine for everyone every once in awhile. It'll shine again very soon. :)

And I really hate how they think only the nothing box applies to males. Friggin' stereotypes. I've experienced the nothing box many times throughout my entire life. >_>

Jill 提到...

I did get the sunshine today, even it doesn't purposely shine for me which I perceived it was =P
Yea lo~but it's just a humorous talk, as justin said no hard feeling ^^

Ar Miao 提到...

argue with chew again..damn...like ur blog song lol means u guys not goin back hometown ths week lor? haiya...WHAT A SAD NEWS~! sorry for not goin the trip...rush rush rush >< hope u guys understand..... PLS@! i beg u~~ i got performance next next week n alot things to prepare~~

Jill 提到...

why argue with him?LOL...
Nothing de la~we understading geh~
good luck in ur performance =)