Melaka trip

Had a trip to Melaka with friends. A simple yet memorable two days trip.

On the first day, I just like a bagpacker who carry two bags, on my Ipod, began my journey alone. As others will go from Ipoh and Qiao will meet up us at Melaka. I go by myself. Seriously I was quite enjoyed to walk around by myself. I just decide my way and explore the way without knowing the exact place, all my by own. Proudly to myself, this is not the first time I travelled alone since I always take train all the way back to hometown and I think it’s quite normal.

I started my journey quite early as I thought to walk around by myself first. So I followed friend’s car back to college, took a RM1 bus to Bangsar LRT and another RM1 to KL Central. Had a breakfast at extremely packed MCD, as I think there was promotion for whatever free things, typical Malaysian huh? Always obsessed with free things. I took my breakfast slowly as I was not rush on time.

A man passed by occasionally while I had my breakfast.  “Are you a Chinese?”  “Yes.” I answered. He started on with talking Mandarin and pursued me to donate for idk what orang asli and said we are Malaysian should help our own people in the country. I enjoyed my burger and listened to him patiently, and when he showed me the list and ask me to write about the donation, I said", “I will go and donate myself if I want to.” He gave me a ‘sienz face’ and said, “every Chinese also said the same thing but who will do it?” I gave him a smile, he walked away and I continued my breakfast.

I have some thought in my mind. I do an exception in Chinese that will really approach to help others, as you said our community by myself, instead of donation, I will do volunteer work which is more useful I think. Secondly, how could I believe people nowadays, especially there were many people else asked for donation at KL Central especially. Couldn’t blame on me as I think it’s really ridiculous to donate in this way, I did donate before, long time ago when I first came to KL, when I was so naïve, but since then I saw a lot people like this so I stop to believe anyone of them, as I said, I can help in other ways. I was like “It was so funny.” when I listened what he said and the look was so sarcastic. “I did nothing wrong.” I told myself, if you really so looking for donation, why don’t you do things in other ways? I just don’t understand, maybe he was  cheating me but it’s so funny he giving me that face, IF HE WAS REAL, still funny as I dont donate he no need to show me THAT FACE, should charity be forced? IN fact, I felt pathetic for the people who need help, who will believe them as there were so many cheater outside the world. I would be one of them, but if you ask for some help, which I think logical, I will help, as we expected help too when we were in trouble.

After that, ignore the stupid fella, finished my breakfast and took another RM1 KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan in order to take TBS bus to Melaka Central. TBS was well-developed than I thought, it’s new and the system was quite satisfied.


The ticket with my name



Yes, It does look like an airport as ppl said


The sun is so sunny at Melakaphoto0411

Mahkota Parade, which is small than I thought


Dataran Pahlawan, this is somewhere near Mahkota Parade, we went after teatime with delicious layer cake =)


Have a morning walk at Melaka river

After all, the most fascinating thing at Melaka was the food. Hopefully I was able to taste all the famous but only some delicious food there. The layer cake was the first one I had, and I gave 8 star out of 10 for it, which will be the highest. After that, I had Asam Laksa which located at Jonker Street. So so only for me, because it was so spicy for me~ Got 5 out of 10 star. We also ate cendol there. Use a lot of local Gula Melaka, too sweet for me~ As I also miss the cendol at Johor. Give 4 star only for it. Around 10 at night, we when to Capitol Satay Celup, which is famous there. I thought it was really ‘SATAY’ but it’s actually LOK LOK, which special only for the soup is satay favor. It just special for that, but I think so so only and quite expensive by the way. 6 star for it’s private-made satay sauce maybe. Another day before we back, we finally able to try Chicken rice ball, which is quite special also. I like the design of the restaurant in fact, the rice was fine, but the chicken I do prefer Ipoh Tauge Chicken. 7 star combine with the artistic and classic design of the restaurant.

We walked a lot too. As no transport, we just solely depend on our legs. Even sometimes too tired so travelled with Cap, but WE STILL WALKED A LOT LOT~~My legs were so pain when I took bus back to KL.

Anyway, I do enjoy this trip with my lovely friends. Even it was a bit short and rush, we had our typical fun moment. Looking forward the next bagpack as we promised Winking smile