Another visit to orphanage

So here is my day. Pay a visit to Agathian Shelter located at PJ area due to our LLS group project. Yes we’re having so much fun there. And I think our group was quite a big success since we are so much connected to each other as we always have face-to-face meeting.

Personally I think this is what group work I am searching for in a GROUP ASSIGNMENT. Everyone is putting effort and willing to work together to make the achievement. I love my groupmates indeed. We were not solely group for the report and simply go for 4 hours volunteers work but we did planned and organized all the things, because we did want to do something to the children.

Talking about the children, all I could say is tired-able. To get them to listen to you, and remember most of their name were my BIG trouble. It’s really hard to get to know each of them within few hours. Anyway, as long as they’re having fun. I think this would be the best thing we could achieved.


They are adorable indeed.