Sometimes I cant just make up my mind on something. A decision. An opinion. 

I wish I could have my concentration, back to do things that I have to do.

Nothing much I wanted to say, I need courage, I need energy, I need time, to complete whatever written and highlighted in my schedule.

I know that I need to put more effort on doing something, even more than others, since I am not a genius nor lucky person. but somehow I am being stubborn on some kind of fair or unfair thinking.

Being forceful, something need to be done, THAT MUST BE DONE!

Cruel life, not matter how things to be done, imperfect or perfect, done before the deadline, IT’S RULE.

Not only you are the one who feel the disappointment, please put your legs in my shoes too. I will be the most disappointed person and saddest person in the world because IT’S MATTER ME.

No one is able to solve your problem, even a Psychologist only can HELP you to solve your problem. Help as in guidance, opinion, options. You solve your own problems.

I am so damn lack of time to do all things at the same time. Assignments, examination, meeting for ideas, camp… Crucial period, I know I will get through this. Persistence-heart-training-season.

*For friends who have troubles or problems as well, I suggest you to take a deep breath and hold on a strong believe that you can do it, with your bare hand or whatever along, sometimes troubles just happen to be solved =)