Stressed or Desserts?

It is just a couple of days I came back from my lovely CNY holiday. There are tones of assignments to be done and handed in. Though some are not so hard, but I just feel that we-just-like-a-working-assignment-machine. The brain is non-stop to thinking of the idea on how to do it, how to make it better and how to begin it as the most important point. I was not scare of it but there are in some senses of nervous, nervous of being lack of time to complete all the things in a short while. Perhaps plan and arrangement are needed to make my life easier.

There is still a long way to go. Many things need to be done step by step. Like one of the phrase that I saw and posted in my PM—"Stressed is desserts if you can reverse.” “压力,是甜品,如果你可以反方向思考。”Sorry for no citation because I was forget who wrote it. I just felt that it was so meaningful. But friend told me that it was no true because it is written in past tense. He is so true grammatically. But I think what this phrase want to present is that the mind set is very important. It’s all depends on you, how to think about a certain word, or things. It is not easy that everyone have such a positive thought when trouble comes. And I am trying to think, as positive as I can, maybe to cover the negative thoughts or whatever.

Stressed or desserts? It’s your choice.