Don’t feel to end it so soon

I have very ordinary CNY this year. Again. Not surprisingly, I was able to meet many relatives and friends as well. The best part was the reunion feel within the small family and I really love my family deep in my heart ♥

Family are family ♥

My mum’s cook is the best in the world. Over the past one week, I just never, yes is NEVER eat outside food~!!! I am totally in love with mum’s cook~ the fish, the chicken, the spareribs, the soup…… I just missed all of them. and this is the first time I feel the happiness after being at KL for around 2 years. Love you mum Red heart

My brothers are still that childish and bully. even they are good to me in some sense. And new members will be coming to our home very soon. Hope this little baby will bring more happiness and fortune to our family Open-mouthed smile

And sister’s family. Still that funny. And her son, my nephew is still a bully, same as my brothers. I don’t understand why I am always being the one who get bullied at home =( Life is unfair.

My dog, Bobo, looked better somehow after visit the veterinarian. I just hope she can stay healthy always to make us complete family. I am so grateful that I live over 20 years with my beloved family. You all are the best. Thanks for being my family =)


Family photo without eldest bro, who was still sleeping


The brother and sisters


And lastly my mum and me ♥

It is just the 4th day of the CNY. The celebration was just started. But we have to end there as school reopen and work gonna continue as well. It’s just maybe once in a year we can enjoy like this. During this season, we are grateful.

其实我们都知道 因为难得 才显得珍贵

难能可贵的团圆 才值得庆祝




再聚  for family and for friends =)