Simple CNY 2011

I was in holiday mood few days ago. Still, not so in CNY mood. Maybe back too early before the real day comes. Being stayed at home for two days and having some so called small family gathering at home. Not so much talk, but there were feel of warm while eating at round table, gambling and joking around. It’s still the best family for me, not that perfect, but it’s just my special little family =)

家 永远都有形容不了的温馨

家人 永远都无可替代

在外久了 才发觉 能每天吃到妈妈煮的菜


越长大了 越觉得其实某些事 某些节日

可能是特别的 但是心里却觉得没什么大不了

很普通 很简单的 也可以渡过

但是就可能是 那种平凡 与简单

使这一切变得特别 没有什么原因