“We don’t quote things that we are not fully understand.”

Watching back the date and time of my post, I always write my blog during midnight. It’s just that there are so many feeling and things to share about especially on this sleepiness, loneness, and ‘emotion-ess’ moment. Just feel to share some of my feelings.

I have already back home for three days and I felt no much CNY mood here, despite I meet some of my friends on the mahjong table. The worst thing come to me after I back was I fall sick. Flu, sore throat, cough, all come to me and there are many new year biscuits at home, but sadly I cant even touch them under my mum’s eyes. It is one of the sad case. Another one happened to my dog, which was living with us for almost 10 years, fall sick as well, and mum said “she looks like going to leave us soon.” I just cant imagine she gonna leave us, but frankly I was not a good pet master. I don’t know what else I could do for her. In sometimes I just realize we are that hopeless. Pray that the veterinarian would not give any bad news tomorrow.

Have no idea how to start on my assignment about the movie review.The question on how to start about is funny. As I have some rough idea but I just don’t get what lecturer wants from this assignment. Personal view is always available but it’s still an assignment related to psychology and I was thinking the way to write a movie review psychologically. And I always like to present idea in my own way, whether it can be accepted by others or not. In fact, I care what others think about and I do take the comment into consideration and take deep thinking.

Talking about the title above. It was one of the phrase from the movie that I have to review—Muallaf. It is a local movie made by Yasmin Ahmad, who is already death due to stroke(if the information that I Google-ed is correct). A local movie which impressed me, made a great success at International stage as well. Yes, sometimes we like to do things that are special, try to confuse others and hope no other people in the world would understand except you. But for me, I loves the phrase above because I think it is interesting and I hope to get something different from it. And for many things I was trying to understand, which after I understood, I will try to share with others. This is what the power of blogging comes from. I would like to add something to this quote, which is “Don’t ever try so hard to understand something and don’t pretend that you are understand, because sometimes it is not so difficult to get something but in fact you don’t get it means YOU DON’T GET IT NOW”. Perhaps we might figure it out later when we grow older, this is what I believe.

Likewise I am posting a blog post right here with plain words and maybe bored to others, tested some real readers who are really interested to read and trying to understand me (which I think very few will do). I just like to present in my own way, blog whatever I like, as this is a little world own by me (you may say ot’s belongs to blogger but this all this words will remain my copyrights). 

It’s 3.20am now. There are still too much in my mind. I know I should rest so I can recover faster, but I just cant help it.  I am being stubborn, on what I am doing.

Just want to tell someone,

“I am not a baby sister anymore, should be able to think not only for myself but the family. I know the burden that you bear. It’s time for me to realize that. =)

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Xiang Nee 提到...

so sad for the dog part! cheers!
add oil for the movie review! just try to apply theories that related to the actor's characteristic and what-so-ever! cheers!

Xiang Nee 提到...

oh you can just share your point of view and support it with theories will do. as long as it would not exceed 2 pages and the reason is logic and valid! good luck small jill!

Jill 提到...

Yea~thanks for ur lovely comment.
Will try my best to do it =)