With a little too much

Not sure why am I putting this title. Just felt to. My day is just too little but sometimes too much for something. Isn’t that we always do that? Spend too much time on useless things but spend only a little bit time on something which take time. Human being. A little too much to understand. I don’t like to take responsible on something that I cant do. But if I were involving in something, I will try all my best to do it and do it as perfect as it could be. This is why I don’t understand people who want so much to get into something, but do not want to do it properly or even sometimes give me a “I-am-not-responsible-to-this” or “There-must-be-someone-will-do-it” look~ I seriously don’t like people who take everything granted. “Too much” for me, I think even “too much” for the people who work with you. Too much irresponsible, too much fake, too much bad words can come from my mouth.

Alright, finish my grumbling. Get back to something pleasant me. Will go back to Ipoh on Thursday. Yes it’s this Thursday~! Seriously I love everything about this CNY season. The smile on people, the new clothes on people, the ang pau, the biscuits, even the song. Hope to get back as soon as possible, I just miss home so much~!

Oh there is a reminder for me in my blog. A reminder for our 5S1 commitment after five years. Isn’t the date is so nice? 1010~ Guys meet you all soon ^^



♥ 平水相逢的总是太多,知心的总是太少。

♥ 当我们成长到一定的年纪,看的东西越多,越觉得有些东西不算什么

♥ 看在角度的份上,我尝试去原谅别人。

♥ 当沉默时,总是想很多,但大多数都可能在发呆。

♥ 其实伪装真的很辛苦,不如放下面具,做回自己。

♥ 学会坦然,要知道这世界不会因为你的不开心而停止转动。