Ideal romance

Finish this Korean drama in 2 days. <<Secret Garden>>. Quite a romantic, funny and somehow a bit ridiculous love story. Everything happened in a very dramatic way. But I do love the setting inside. The lakeside house, the snow walkway,the romance of the characters especially the male character with dimples, don’t you think the people with dimples is cute? I just found myself so in love with dimply people and their ‘serious look’, especially they look you in their eyes. They have so much attraction, don’t you think so?

COVER Part 3

Oh ya today is valentine day. I don’t understand why people would post everywhere, stated and somehow complaining there is no people with them during valentine. Maybe I was just don’t understand, perhaps I think spending with friends is not a bad idea. Thus, I will attend a dinner as a COS member, for the sake on proving it is not necessary to have valentine with your only beloved, but have some gathering with friends is a good choice too. Anyway, in life we always searching for a romance love as such in the drama, such an ideal and always have a happy ending. Who don’t want that? Perhaps sometimes we are dreaming and living in our fantasy. But I do patient in searching for that. In fact, I know it was not that possible, despite impossible, there are still some probability. That’s why I am still single now. *laugh out loud if you want to*

I do proud of saying I am still single as I am still young now. Who care you are being coupled or in love sweetly? That’s make our different. In a way that I am so damn free but you aren’t. *evil smile* You wouldn’t understand me. I still enjoy my single life.

By the way, thanks for those who have been loving me. I was not the good one to be in love with. You make a good choice if you can forget me. Cheers, for single, for friends =)