QUit social network?

Pre-warning before you really want to read this post: This post would a bit sarcastic but not directly pointed anyone, please don’t feel offended.

So if you are decided to continue. Fine. First of, I am thinking I was quite success in exiting the complicated social network—especially Facebook. I was not totally quit on it but I am decreasing the time spending on it by looking the meaningless wall post or even expose my life like ‘you-think-you-are-so-famous-that-people-want-to-keep-track-on-your-status’. Despite some were pretty interesting and nice to read. I just don’t feel to post something when I was not so in mood. And can I say I will smile with a lame look when people updated their status every minute for what they do,eat or even sleep. I-just-don’t-know-why. Perhaps psychology student could do some research on it. “The influence of Facebook the social network on people nowadays”. I think the result will be quite interesting. Frankly, I still cant really get out of it fully since this making my life easier. Yes, pretty easy to keep contact with friends, no matter old or new, even unknown. I admit it’s still have its own usefulness so not many people can get away from it easily.

In fact there are still one network I cant really quit that is MSN and email. I cant really stand for days that cant open my email and sign in my MSN. I will desperately feel I am really outdated. So in this you can see, it will be more easily if you want to find me via email or msn. By the way, all the time I put AWAY in my status, doesn’t mean I am really away but somehow there will be sometimes I am away or I don’t feel to reply you. Of course the first reason will be the most possible one.

There are sometimes I feel want to disappear from the world. I will appear off or even sign out from everything, leave my laptop on for nothing but just listen to songs. This is what people called emo. But don’t you feel sometimes you just want to disappear for a while, just a while, from the world where no one can find you, off any device that people can find you. I just hope that there can be a little moment for myself. For peace.

I think it is enough for today.

Not forgetting to give my blast to Ms.Ho Pooi Kwan a.k.a Catherine Ho.

Happy birthday my dear friend =)

As you wish, all your wishes will be come true soon ^^

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Eric Lim 提到...

It's good that there are actually people decided not to stick so much time on Facebook. Alot people tend to seek the so-called "Peace" with alot of method, try to go to somewhere do so something that others might not able to bother or disturb you. I'll say that idea of yours is quite good. :D!