Hard earn money

Through friends, I received a job on doing business assignment which is being rejected by business student and even said it is terribly hard. As a psychology student, I thought it was easy, but in fact it wasn’t. I regret. Till the time I turn it down. I think I am just over-estimate myself in doing things that I have not do before, and even not belongs to me.

What I was saying is I am just not a business student, and luckily I did not take business or business psychology. To do things that I do not like is suffered. I would like to work towards the money, but somehow the inner side will keep on argue that “is that worth to?” or “why am I doing things that I does not like?”.

But that is life and it is always true that we have to do things that we do not like and still we have to learn to survive in this reality. Somehow there are always choices to make my stands shaking. And this is true that when I come across choices, I will doubt and can’t really make a decision, in case I forced to make one. I hate myself suffering in dilemma, to do or not to do, to earn or not to earn. Of course we will always think on a positive side. In fact, making a decision to give up on something you are working on was not easy. Imagine I have spend so much time on it and even force myself to read something that I am not suppose to read. Fed up. Just screw the business assignment. Screw the Singapore institute. Screw the Rm100!

I was always wonder why there were people willing to do something that they do not like. Now I get to know some of the reason. Life made us to do it. I would do something that I like if I have enough of money. I would spend my time to do something benefit to the society if I have enough of time. If only if. If there is really ‘'if’’ exist in reality, there would not be so much troubles and problems happened in life.

But with the existence of ‘if’, we learned. Learned from the past, practice your present, to prepare for your future.