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I have been stayed at home this two days, did not study but watching movies at home. Felt guilty of course but I just not in study mood Confused smile  Talking about the movies, I was terribly in love with the brilliant movies which inspiring me a lot, (—”3 idiots” and “Eat, Pray, Love” ) two different kinds of movies, but give me different inspiration about life. It tells me something happened might not be happened in this way. Likewise, life is full with fate, but somehow, if we willing to make a change, it will change. “Live life more creatively”, this is what I get from the movie “3 idiots”. Something just doesn’t necessary to be like this, fixed or unchangeable, perhaps we must have a ‘think’ to make change, and that’s reason why we have Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg as well. Not because they are brilliant man or own an incredible IQ, they just willing to make change with their creative mind. Life doesn’t necessary to go with plan, as plan made by us, should be decided by us, and have the ability to change by us.

And I watched another movie this afternoon, spending a couple of hours to watch it seriously. “Eat, Pray, Love”, a movie cost me 3 hours. Fortunately I get something from it. It was another inspiring movie. I just love the way the female character lives for her life. Although not being lovely for half of her life before, but she finally realized there are something more important to be exposed but not just live like an ordinary citizen (educated, worked, married, and live happily forever after). Is that a real life for us? For Liz (the main female character), she doubted. Maybe everyone should have this process, get educated, get a job which is nice paid, get a good relationship, get married, compose a family, wait your life until the end, death. And many think that this should be “normal life”. And as we are “normal human”, we should be just accept the normal things, do the normal things.  I mean what kind of life should be that? I cant really accept it, perhaps give me a reason, cant me just be a bit extraordinary? as I believe everyone has own uniqueness.   

This movie also evokes my dream—to travel around the world and get to know other countries culture. It just a BIG idea that in my mind many years ago. To get more exposure, see around the world, is always my dream, maybe many other people’ dream. Isn’t it amazing if you get to know the language, the culture of a country, even get to know the story of a street girl or boy. Listen to their story and compare their life with yours. You will find how lucky you were to be in this world. And how much I wanted to collect all different kind of stories around any corner of the world and share with others. To let the world know or notice that, there are some people around somewhere are having some kind of problems, but they are still alive and never give up in life. Compared to what the citizens who live in prosperous with lots of luxuries. they will never know the feeling and appreciate what they own.

Life is still going on, like my blog title said, is MUST go on~

Maybe you will say I ‘m too much into the movies, it still written or create by someone, it not gonna work in real life, we must face the reality…..blablabla…. But who cares? Perhaps it brings some meaningful inspiration to me, to evoke something that in my mind. I believe I can do it in my future, to chase my dream, and that time, reality will tell. =)





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