Life is about sharing

I found that I have blogged too much recently…just too many things need to share out when I saw something, experience something or feel something. In fact, I am just too free to blog whenever I get back to home, and just feel ‘very in blog mood’ when I sit in such a comfortable living room. Being at home is always the best, when we grew older, when we stay further, we will know the nostalgic feeling for not being at home at ‘miss home badly’ moment. For sure, I wont have that feeling now.

So what I ‘m going to share with for today?

Well, I have added a like’ button at my blog post, which is quite out-dated as I saw my friends already have it. But it just look ‘not bad’ if you have some Facebook gadgets in your blog (like the badge all that). Another out-dated things which most active bloggers might be using long time ago is Window Live Writer. Even I know it was a bit old and stay in my laptop for a very long period but I just ignore it, and now only I started using it. But I found it is really awesome because there are lots more options and easy to blog just like using Microsoft word. So bloggers(who don’t know this), and you are frequent updater(like me,Smile with tongue out), WLW would be highly recommended to you.

Artistically talking, I also started to discover more about Adobe Premier Pro as I need to do some video editing stuffs during my holiday. It is quite stressful as both videos also important, even one of it will be the weeding clips of my lecturer. I just want to do as perfect as I can~! Oh I realize that what I exposed recently were all related to ART!!! Maybe I’m just born to have an artist character, but sadly I was not talented enough Sad smile  Anyhow, I still love doing artistic things and nothing going to break my heart on ART Red heart

Look artistic right?XD

a psycho who love art