Is being tortured by assignment and coming socio final exam...
Just feel over stress recently whenever assignments come...
What the hell I am doing?
Seriously no idea...
And suppose I have no time to blog but just feel-to-blog to make me relax and happier...
and also felt guilty whenever my evil,devil or whatever my bad housemate asking me to play with them
I just cant control myself...
Oh my god...~!!!
I was just too hate myself and actually the evil was in me, not them
and hell knows i have no idea how the past i have gone through
no matter how hard
I have been gone through

Optimistically view
It's actually the same
even though sometimes we feel that is not same
but the process actually the same and started over and over again~
Assignment/tests--scare and cant sleep and do til midnite--finally pass up on time and pray hard for grades--pass
it still will come to an end
it just maybe the result or outcome will not be the same

Perhaps at this moment
I told myself
It should be done!
and before that I should take enough sleep first...
Nite =)