Sharing photo

Trying to recall back what I’ve done last week…..

Late photo posting….

Going out every day during my weekend at hometown….

Going till late night, back already dark night…

Another morning still till afternoon,going out again….

Back and take a nap…

Night, going out again~

What a crazy life….but I like it~haha~

Having lunch at 'GASOLINE'~
Why Jeffery looked so weird???
Yen Torng's dishes~My dishes~Kamheong chicken rice~yummy~
My drink~this is so nice~blended~xp
We go sing k after that~
that's our beffet took by ourselves~^^Take a photo~with my new hat~
Alem~Chris's friend~quite a nice and funny guy~
Jeffery was enjoying his song~haha~
I'm not zilian ok?hahaha~