Genting trip(1st vacation with HELP's friends)

I din plan to put so much photo here
As I edi upload nearly 100 photo in my facebook....
cant put somemore and repeat again....
tired u know?haha~

Just briefly talk bout it la~
As what you see is what you get....
U can see how happy and fun we were during our trip.....
On the way to Genting...The air was full of mist...

Is sweet la~haha~
Chocolate making process...
Eiii~Bryant so generous~took photo for all of us~
unfortunately din have any photo with all ppl~>.<
Dut ur mouth~haha~copyright from the baby~xp
True or dare game began~~
Holding baik-baik and dance la~haha~
~Yuan 1~hugging~
Adam and Milo really gt yuan lo~haha~
~Yuan 2~touching nose~
Kena again 2nd time...

~Yuan 3~
wow~real one?
all camera prepared so well~
and who's hand izit?so bad ya~
I know Milo will be going to kill me~hahahaha~

Glady going to kill me oso~wakaka~
Chris no longer live oso~Ryan don angry ya~xp

We played almost all the outdoor games
with the bad weather....raining-stop-raining-stop-raining again-weather...

We played crazily with the indoor games
when raining heavily outside...

We took as much as photo
whenever we felt bored and jus wan have fun....

We were so stupid that to take wrong road
and get lost at Genting...=='''

We were so tired
but still don want to sleep and played games till early morning....

We played true or dare and most of them were so dare enough...
[Truly from my heart....U guys are so dare that I'm not dare enough~hahaha~]

We can play ''KILLER" till early morning
just not close our eyes....=.=

We all exhausted as din sleep well
and the real is we don wan get to sleep...>.<

So fun to end this sem 1 with joyful and meaningful trip...
Going to meet u all again during sem 2~
Take best care and don get involve in H1N1 ya~^^

Let's say goodbye to this mystery place... :)

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小小蕃薯 提到...

nice eh~
I wan photo, can u send it to me??
add my msn