Individual Presentation

Tomorrow is a A big day for me for presented INDIVIDUALLY....
I hope I have practice enough
And brave enough to present in front of everyone....
As well as the electronic device owned by Ms.Annie.....

Imagine Ms.Annie bring it to every classes
And place it in front of her students...
Scary rite?=.='''

Before all....
I want to share my photo which I've taken these few days....
My classmates presentations>>>>>>

Aika(I knw spelling is wrong but pronouns din wrong I think)
A foreign student spoke with fluent english~
Sitting one is her friend for being model~
Topic:How to make your hair nicely
The one sitting and with pink hat is Ryan~
They forced to wear something pink for some reason~xp
Topic:How to wash your hand?(more cleaner izit?)
The sitting one who look at the backside is Nigel~
Topic:How to make an elephant origami?
Nigel's turn~
Topic:How to make chocolate milk shake?
Kind of tasty but failure due to some reason....
The one sitting no need to say la~is me=.=
Topic:How to make tuna sandwich
Thanks for giving breakfast~XD
The Last one~Kevin
Forced to wear pink oso~but look nice~
Sitting one is Daniel~
Topic:How to make soap?
Recall my high school experiment~^^
This is a "COW" called by Milo~
Not a presenter but a "baby model"~
Milo is doing her rehearsal~
I'm taking photo without permission~wakaka~
She is holding the "COW"as baby model~
Topic:How to take care of a baby?
She likes baby so much~~

The next day~~~
Look different from usual with formal
Smart jo?
Topic:How to make muffin?
Where is his pink color thingy?A pink color ribbon
on his ear~cheating ya~hahaha~
I dont really rmb wat topic he done lei~@.@
With smart formal wears and look at the pink tie~
Really look like a....Sales Manager
Talking in front of his colleagues...
The 2 ppl standing beside is Ken and David~
Assistants to act....
Topic:How to organize a b'day party?

Big clap to Shaun~
He said he is wearing his father's formal~
And really really looked like a professor~
Clap for new professor giving talk in front~XD
Topic:How to do assignment?
Also big clap for Yong Wei~
1st time see her dressed like this~
She really suffered from this~
Topic:How to play badminton?

Tomorrow will be the last day for presentation........
And I'll be the last one to present~
Hopes everything will be go on very well.....

Everyone~enjoy the photo ya~
*Pls dont mind me taking without permission~xp