Cafe Review:Cups N Canvas at Selegie Road

As promised since the last post, I am going to explore another cafe located at Selegie Road which is very artistic and suitable for me - A person who loves art so much.

The cafe is called "Cups N Canvas", a cafe with artistic concept whereby it's linked to a art gallery where another area of the shop will be closed on certain time for art classes. 
The shop is located at Selegie Road, walkable distance from either Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Basah MRT station. We reached there around 3 something before the heavy pouring. We felt so lucky as the rain pour right after we entered the shop.
It's really rained heavily outside!!
The shop is bigger with the gallery is opened for public, but I'm sure it will be crowded if the area is closed for classes. We settle down and get our order at the counter. 
We sat inside the art gallery where alot of completed/incomplete paints there!! *excited*
Making our move to the counter and we looked at the blackboard where the written menu was located. As we had our lunch, we just decided to grab some dessert and coffee.

Sticky Date Pudding with Ice-Cream. $7
(It's like yummy hot chocolate cake topping with some almond or nuts(im not too sure) with cold ice cream for me!!)
Very nice and highly recommended!!!

This is the drink that attracts me to the shop.
Sweet Potato Latte.
A purpleish drink with coffee art on top. Satisfaction level 99%
Personally I think it's nicer than the provision shop despite on the coffee art.
Probably the barista is too busy to entertain every customer during peak hours.

The other side of the shop where the entrance & counter are.
Guess how I pass through my Good Friday there despite the coffee & dessert??

Tada....!!! A newly bought toy before I go to the shop.
Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera (They called it TLR in short)
It costs $14.90 without film (quite a cheap toy for me though)
This is what DIY mean.
I enjoyed alot rather than paying $5 more for the assembly one.
Me figuring out how to put everything together from the guidebook.
It was really exciting to figure out how the thing is really constructed. 
My friend was complaining I was too much focusing on the new toy
and keep chasing me to finish the cake and drink  >.<

And this is where the total satisfaction when come to a completion stage!!!
What a splendid Good Friday it was.
I will certainly miss this moment when I back to office next week :(
Testing out with my line doll. It's-just-so-cute.
 Wrapping up everything  in a nutshell, this is a very nice cafe with artistic atmosphere and I do enjoyed a lot especially with the cold whether that I could enjoyed a cup of hot coffee inside a cafe surrounded by coffee smell. *Sorry I admitted I was too focusing on my new toy and not really have time to grab a total glance on the shop itself. But I'm sure I will pay another visit next time!!

Opening Hours:
Tues to Thurs: 10.30am-10pm
Fri to Sat: 10.30am-11pm
Sun: 10am-8pm
Monday: Cafe Closed