2012 to 2013

Hi here I am posting the last blog for this year 2012.

2012 is a challenge year for me.

My degree third year and I am going to end my University life next year and a new page of life will be coming soon. Real soon.

Let’s flash back what I had done in the past 12 months in 2012.

What I can categorized this year is before and after I meet her.

Before I meet her, I was busy with my life full of events and what I gained is those joyful memories and wonderful experiences with wonderful people. This is the earlier months in 2012.

In the mid 2012, my life changed as I met her.

This wonderful girl in my life, who is so important to me and I could not barely think how could I live without her.

We began like most couple did. Flirting over phones, social platforms and go out in group for around 2months.

And finally I spoke it out with full of bravery in my life, that I never did. We get together.

In these 8 months I had been with her, just like the other couples did, we did argue, we did have fun, we did cry, we did laugh, we did everything that show how much we love others. We hate each other weaknesses, coward-ness, stupidity, but we love those sweet deeds, romance and surprises. It’s all LOVE.

And yes finally I realized what my friends had told me before, what I am before I fall in love and who I am now after I fall in love, could be different. I think this could be what I had learned the most in love. We need to take care of the other’s feelings.

I couldn’t be selfish anymore as I what did before, care-free for everything. But now I have to bear with whatever feelings that happened to her, or related to her. I have to remember that I am no longer an only person but I could have done many things that related to her.

2012, is not a world end year. But a year full of love for me.

My new year wish is just hope we could still stay together happily.

Hope we got a peaceful year ahead. With full of love, joy and fun Winking smile

Happy New Year Everyone Party smile