It’s valentines week and I had a date with Avril@blackstar tour 2012

Sorry that I was being too busy for my own activities and outing ‘ALL the time”  and not free to type anything on blog.

I just felt sometimes, sometimes was not in mood. Sometimes I don’t feel to blog when there are somebody besides me. Sometimes I don’t feel to blog when there are many things ahead waiting for me to do but I don’t managed to finish. And sometimes I am busy to get rest after some kind of events or activities even I am so enjoyed about.

It’s like I was getting used of this.
Loves to keep things short, clean and clear.
I had a happy valentines with my buddies at Kampar. I know it’s a bit crazy and random. But I did enjoyed seriously. At least gave myself a special and not-alone valentines.
I had  a great day with Avril Lavigne at Stadium Merdeka yesterday. It was so awesome and I would not forget how beautiful you are singing on the stage. I’ve went quite a few concert. And this is my first time ever buy the concert ticket myself, so much crazy queue and squeeze in to get nice seat, and this is all for you, Avril ♥


Wait for your next return  Smile

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♥ 寂寞の邂逅 提到...

Definitely will be going to her next concert! Support always.

Jill 提到...

yea~!!go together~!:D