Peer Support Day


It is so lovely to see my book covered with so many colorful paper with words ♥♥♥ And it’s all because of the “Peer Support Day” by PSG@HELP. How this work is by buying the stickers from them and stick to your friends’ back to show your support or give he/she some sweet words~Silly yet interesting. I think it’s kind of funny and good idea to have such event like this =)

These days I did not busy with any event yet, but mainly on study seriously. But I do feel so exhausted and directional-less when come across assignments, and sometimes on the books. Anyway, still everything need to be settled and everyone need to pass through these phase.

Gonna have real experiment run this semester~!!*kind of excited but still a bit nervous* Hope everything will go smoothly and won’t be extremely panic to analyze the collected data.

Mid-term will be on next week~ makes me can’t go back home even it’s free weekend T_T I missed my mum, cute nephew and bobo~

Updated this in a rush way. Just to let whoever reading this keep track to my life. Have a nice day. Keep your smile, I always on your back =)