Back to the movie mood

Didn’t really get well today because get traumatic after effect from biopsych midterm. Anyway, no matter what, I had meals with friends, back home watching movies continuously along with the pouring rain, everything bad, like flushing away just like that.

Since the previous post, I always wanted to post something else to cover it. LOL~! But not surprisingly I get some feedback and comments from some friends. Some sweet and blessing, but too saying something funny. I do appreciate that, for whatever comments, thanks~! But what I have mentioned, it’s just a kind of feeling, and something I am not too good to express verbally. It’s truly what I want to express but maybe not too good in terms of words also.

Back to the topic today. Finally I got to finish some of the movies in my list. 3 movies, one fresh downloaded and two watched half.

1. The sorcerer and the white snake

This very fresh movie. I was like wow~!”It’s still available in the cinema~!” But I got to download it~!XD936full-the-sorcerer-and-the-white-snake-poster

Lots of exaggerated graphics and animated effects,which I don’t really like in Chinese movies. But storyline is fine and the character is so gorgeous, didn’t she? And the way it conveys the message “Love” is touched and romantic, so I guess maybe this is the point that so many people said it’s a nice movie?

Recommended? StarStarStar

2. Temple GrandinTemple-Grandin-2010-Dutch-Front-Cover-40168

A movie recommended by a friend and I get from him of course. Real life story of a genius with autism called “Temple Grandin”. Old fashioned style movie, but what makes me interested is the character with extraordinary mind but has odd behaviors—particularly, Autism. I like it since it’s related to my study on Biopsych =D truly interesting for me XD

Temple Grandin HBO Premiere QXwwGcVFlI-l

Guess what in this photo? I search online and just know that the actress is so gorgeous and so different from the character inside the movie~!!! The main character “Claire Danes” (left) with real “Temple Grandin” (right). Believe it in your eyes~!!


3. She is out of my leagueShes-Out-of-My-League-poster

A comedy, a love story. All I can say about this movie. A guy has no confidence at all in himself that he can have a perfect girl friend. Of course another gorgeous inside this movie, but why no hot guys in my movies? Haha~anyway, Lovely story and it-is-just-very-American-comedy-style-movie-on-love for me.

Recommended? StarStarStarStar

Finished my rating. Hope readers can get something out of it if you have not watch any Smile

Before I go, I really want to complaint about my tortoise connection line here~!!!! We were pay like RM140 per month but we received sucks service and sucks connection~!F**k~even tortoise is faster than it~! Hope can deal with Unifi package asap.