'The 533th’ 日誌第533章

Here is my real diary coming back again~

Sorry I’ve been busy for a very long time and don’t really have time to update this blog seriously. Even this post might not be too long, but I will still say something about my life recently. And YAY~!! 30HourFamine is coming back AGAIN~!!! You would not understand why I am so much into this meaningful event if you don’t happened to join me as a camper, or even a sub-committee this year~! I am so enjoyed to being one of them not only can learn lots of things but contribute a little small man-power for the big event~! And kind of busy for this event like over few months since I joined as program team sub-com. Program team kind of soul in the event and busy all the way especially right before the event day and during the event day. But I feel damn lucky to be in this group because it’s always so much fun with my teammates and even we’re the busiest, but we’re also the happiest team within the whole group Open-mouthed smile

Schedule is almost full for this month especially weekend. And yes event always filled up the weekend day and make me cant work at all Sad smile Anyway, perhaps I will put down the society and club thing slowly and moving to another stage by next year. Hopefully my plan goes on smoothly.

Just thinking it’s too ‘dry’ to just look at plain words in the blog these few days. Might attach more and more daily life picture to make this looked more alive! :D

Stay tuned…


I know its too small and cant even see where I am

But it’s just us, The xiaxiangren =)


My group during the camp. super very crazy XD


I am very sensitive to camera I just can say LOL


HELP girl gang


HELP gang~!!!Celebrating kaiyan’s birthday =)


And lastly that’s me with my ugly doll called “the joker”

hahahaa~don’t laugh at it since its my very first time sewing XD