Working at KLCC

Is working since yesterday and the job will continue until this Saturday. It was a job get through CCS, and we 20 students working as a translator for the China business people at KLCC, places a Halal Showcase.

Working with China people was a bit stressful, as we have different culture, even we shared the same language, but totally different slang~Though, I can say they are all nice people, enthusiastic, and warm. After we have some contact with all this business people, not all are bad, but I would say everyone is selfish, for their own goods and benefits when things come to MONEY.

We are slowly developed to the business world. It is realistic, ever true, and putting a fake smile is always the best way to face this true world. And people would like it, whether you accept or not. A fake smile is so useful in this realistic world. I mean you can smile to whatever stranger comes to you, as you think everyone would be a probability of successful in your business. I think this would be good rather than the people, lifting their head like many are below them, hardly to fake a smile, they barely to make contact with the people with different status. If I were the boss, I wouldn’t have this kind of thinking, as I think everyone would have the ability to be a boss, in fact, if you were a boss, you need strong base(the people) to support you up there.

It was fun to have a chance to contact with the business people, the rich one, and able to interpret their thinking. Even, I have some perception on them, but truly I saw lots of things just for these two days. Tomorrow is still a long day to go. Hope all of us can get through it happily for the next two days. =)