If there is a chance for you to change,will you take the chance?


Now the title is a little bit confuse and subjective. But be patient, I will clarify for you in the next second. Change, as in terms of better, (of course not worse). Change, in terms of someone’s life. Change, in term of a great world will be build. So, if there is a chance for you to change yourself, in fact also you would be able to change someone’s life, will you take it?

In life, we are always being selfish, being realistic, being so self-centered like everything comes around you. Would you able to think of a moment, look outside your world, put down yourself, and try to look into others and understand others? Some will probably say “Even I cannot help myself, having problems within myself, what the hell I am here to care for others, which is not even close to us?” or “What can we actually did something to them? Money? I am just a student, I don’t have it.” Again, mind your words, you are being selfish if you think like that.

From time to time, I remind myself, to being kind, and give whatever help I could, which is within my ability. I said it, I mean it. Perhaps I were so wanted to influence people around to change, I am the one should be changed first. I am not demanding kindness from family or friends to do me a favor, in fact, I do not want them to feel forceful. Do CHARITY, is from HEART, but not the amount that you’re paying for. Even people care about the money, but at least I did give in something other than money. If you don’t have it never mind! You can join 30 hour famine like me, be a volunteer or even a participant. Be involved in some meaningful event just need some of your time, maybe some of your little efforts in putting on others’ awareness to care about the world’s sickness. Cant starve? Have you ever try it? No time? It’s really NO TIME or YOU DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP THE TIME? Busy? You can spend billion seconds on Facebook, internet, some lame chatting, but not for the children, for the world? I cant really think of a reason, not to join something meaningful, at least you have a more rigid reason that you can try to persuade me. THERE ARE MILLION REASONS or EXCUSES THAT YOU CAN HAVE, IF YOU DID NOT WANT TO DO SOMETHING. I understand, because many people are just like that, even I did use many reasons to push away all the unwanted job.

There is only one question that I wanted to ask, as mentioned above, Will you take the chance if you are able to do something for the children, for the world? Just say “Yes” or “No”, as simple as that. If Yes, congratulates, you have changed and you will be able to make a change, very soon with the little efforts combine to become a great one. If no, I have no other word for you, but good luck. Just live for what you live in, believe what you believe in, close your mindset and that’s all for your life.


If there is a chance, will you do something to get the smile from her as an exchange?

I’ll leave this for you, for your in depth and intelligent thinking. Choice is on you.