The 501st post

It was a long long day for Monday. Always. Class ended early today but wasn’t able to back home earlier as CCS meeting on 6PM. As we have to wait until the time and had a long discussion for coming yearly events. I was in some kind of moody, as my phone just committed suicide this morning, which can’t really ‘committed suicide’, but I put it to death. It just fell out from my pocket, and accidentally fell from level 3 to the end of the level, which is like 3-4 levels high I guess. Yes, the screen was not working, and I wondered how much will it cost to make it since my warranty just gone, but I have no use more than half year I think. Totally fed up with this kind of ‘accident’ or can I called it bad luck, or ‘fate’ that I have to accept, it’s just so coincident that, it fell out from my pocket, and so coincident that it fell right in the middle from level 3 to level 1. Alright fine. I was not totally depressed of this thing, even it bother me some of the time when I think of “It’s my newly bought phone!!!!”

Yet there is nothing else I can do for it. Just accept the fact and hope there will be some solution for it.

There are many things else waiting for me to settle and think of. Even the long day, we spend for long discussion on how to make our club stronger. Hopefully we are able come up with solution, but we should move a step forward before everything bright come to us. So that’s the thing. Efforts should be put in before any great success come to us. I always believe in that.

For this 501 post, for how much effort I have put in this blog, it’s uncountable. And I was so happy to share everything to my friends that care or concern about me. For the future 1000 post, I am looking forward to write more meaningful things in my life, as well as contains the power of influential.

Try to think of a question about people’s emotion and behavior.

Reflect it to yourselves at the end of the day, for whatever things happened around you. Think deeply and relate it to yourselves. Don’t you think there was something wrong too in your thinking and mind? Take a moment to think, it’s your choice.