Little new life

Today is a big day~ My brother’s son was born~!!! I am being an aunty AGAIN. Yes, having a new nephew again~ Since my sister’s evil son was born first. This little cute thing will be a little bit different since he will live in with us in the same house and direct blood link to us. I got the amazing feel to a new born baby especially in MY family. Even I was not there, at my hometown, got the chance to visit them, I do feel the happiness within the family for welcoming this new life. My blast to this new born baby~ even I am not so sure his name yet. I hope he can live happily and stay healthy =)


Daigor, daisou, baby and mummy


♥Cute new born baby♥

Another big day for tomorrow my dear friend Ms. Lau Chee Foon a.k.a Ms. Alice birthday. She and my other friends who have took STPM and other STPM candidates as well will take their results tomorrow. What can I say is all the best and may their wishes, pray or whatever hopes can be fulfilled.

今天只做一件事 by Eason Chan dedicated to you, the birthday star. Just feel to let you listen to this song at the moment. Feel the peace. =)

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alice 提到...

cute nephew.
love the song that you dedicated to me.
thank you so much.
btw,love your background music^^