Speak my mind

Finally my second semester ended with Ms. Winnie’s terribly and unexpectedly hard paper. She hunted all of us down successfully. I guess she is smile or even laugh in her evil style at the back of us when she sees our nervous and desperate expression at the exam hall. Anyway, the exam finally comes to an end. It’s time to rock the days with movies,gathering and whatever entertainment. I even plug in my speaker and open it loud to enjoy the surround, what is more, to form a mini cinema for myself Nyah-Nyah 

And my plan for the holiday is pretty full. Going JB for Ms. Jasamine’s wedding, HELP’s debate event, gathering for COS, and going to move things to new condo. After all the zapbalang things only can back my lovely hometown. Having Christmas party with my lovely friends and getting some rest at home for a couple of day (perhaps this is the only few days I could have during this sem break~!) 28th need to back immediately for PD camp and preparation for balik kampung. It is packed with all event this time. But I think I will quite enjoy, at least not wasting my time at home =D

There are many news and post at Facebook for past few weeks. The news at Facebook can spread extremely fast, and there are also many mindless ‘animals’ just like to follow the trend blindness. Yes I called them animal as they are just like copycat and I usually called this group of people mindless because they don’t even know how to make use the function of their brain. Pathetic. 

Well, there are another group of people could not stop the rumors and what they can do is make use their power. Brilliant and beautiful. What more I can say to describe them. Perhaps stopping Facebook is not a badly thing. Imagine there are another rumors or bad post at Bloggers, and some of them said block the download stream as well, then I might have no other place to go already.  Good then, can cut the streamyx and sleep at home everyday even save money! But what I am thinking is why they rather to block this block that which spread rumors, but didn’t block the porn site. Sarcastic.

I will definitely respect the decision made, or say it more clearly, we have no way to oppose, like they say must wear sit belt at the back as well and must stop the makan rasuah, but see what happened in the reality now? As a normal citizen, what I can do is just sit down and see what they will do next. There must be more interesting as the story go on. Stay Tuned.