sense of restless

Feeling so restless this few days after get back from bonding trip last Sunday...
Din post it out and I just kept it in my draft....
Again wrote till half way
mood change
emotionally talking
I was not in mood to continue my writing
and there are messy thoughts in my mind
so I stopped there and did not make any new post

there are many things I wan to share with
but time just not allow me to do so
I said assignment week which indicates that my assignments due date coming soon
and I need to spend at least 2 days to glance through all past researches, theories and references
and another 2 days to complete it perhaps...
No I'm not a genius
I dont think the assignments will be done incredibly good
(for sure the lecturers that I knew are very strict )
But still there are efforts that I will put on
try my best to complete it at least

I am emo now
hate to use the word "emo"
but it would be the best word to describe the mood maybe
being emo is not a sin
being emo even is a trend
everyone likes to say this whenever they are down
no they wont say I'm so down or desperate or whatever but using the word "emo"
I like trend
but I hate the blindness to follow the trend
I judge
I wonder
Is that really the existence of something is wrong?
Things just flash in my mind
and there are too many at once
makes me feel breathless and numb
maybe a journey back home can make me feel better