I ♥ camp!!!!!

It's my 3rd time camp. Suddenly go to camp so frequently in this two weeks time. I just felt so exhausted and tired as I'm a super even hyperactive there  =P

I let myself just being as mad or crazy or high as possible so that I could enjoyed all the time. Honestly, it was another meaningful,memorable yet not as enjoyed and bond as the last bonding camp. But I do appreciate what the team are work inside the camp. It's true that we do communicate and help each other during all the activities. We run quite little outdoor games but it's already tired and excited enough. The first activity we run on at night admired me so much because it was a night jungle trekking. I had never go into jungle at night especially without lights! We went in the jungle in a line with group of people and just one person carry one torch light in front to lead the whole line and another person carry another one at the back. Moreover, the lights are not always on but just blink for few seconds. We forced to walk in dark and hands in hands so that we could support each other if any incident. We lost twice but yet we able to finish the whole journey and back safety.

Another day was "water balloon war" between two team. It was extremely fun as I'm the attacker in the war. It's fun too I run towards and hit the 'enemy'!(It's fun to hit people with water balloon!!!!XD) As I do hit by the 'enemy' too. Luckily, my size give me an advantage to escape from all those attacks.(wahahaha~) At last, our team won the game =D  It was fun yet tired and cause my back pain because too active when running all around the 'war zone'. Another admirable activity was "flying fox" that first had in our camp (we are the 1st batch to have it =) ) It's a bit scary but I just cant wait to accept this challenge because I never try before. For sure I like the excitement bring from this activity although my head was bang to a tyre.

There were also many talks and discussion work in this camp which bring so much boredom to us. However, what Mr. Joel and Mr. Sherson said were all meaningful speeches and we have to take and look into carefully in our life. There was a meaningful quotes that reminded me so much in my life. It is a quote by Chareles Reade: "I sow a thought, I reap an action, I sow an action, I reap a habit, I sow a habit, I reap a character, I sow a character, I reap a DESTINY."
We have to think of everything first before we could reach the destiny. It's not easy to reach our destiny, but in order to be there, we have to think of it first! Think of our future, we might reach our destiny at the end.

Same as the last camp, I leart so much from it as well as make some new friends and being close with more friends. I now are half filled with camping experiences and I think that it was good for us in order to growth stronger and wiser in life. It's not just fun and enjoyed but we could really take lessons and experiences from it.  


I believe there are something we could learnt for everything we have done. As same goes to the camp that I have gone throughout this two weeks. I appreciate every friends that gone through all this with me, also I appreciate everything that I have learnt not just influence me for this two week but my life in the future. Cheers for everything and always appreciate with your heart =)

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Czelyn 《purplelyn 》=紫霖 提到...

wow..u memorise it...cool..
even it is less fun compare to gopeng camp..but it is more meaningful..agree?

Jill 提到...

every camp has its special and meaningful things...