That's the end

I'm back. Back to this NETWORK WORLD~ For the pass one week, I was spend my time with my family and old friends. Frankly, I have a lot of fun with them. I love CNY so much. Unfortunately, it comes very fast and also end as fast as light speed. Although I was unwilling to leave, the reality force me to step into the train and move forward to my journey back to KL. BUT REMEMBER**I will always miss you~my dear family and friends =)

Back to my college life. I'm walking backwards I think. I'm lazy to step forward. How I'm going to have a good result in my last semester as I always hang out and only touch books during exam? I'm frusturated. Feeling hopeless for my Calculus as well as Human communication. Why should it be my elective? Maybe I am so wrong to choose this two subjects and I am so regret now. It's already half way and there is no returning point to back to the origin. Nothing else can do but just try harder and do my best!

Lastly, I want to thank
my family that give me a very warm reunion dinner.
my friends that gamble with me, chat with me and hang out with me.
And everyone who give me joyful and unforgetable CNY~

*Having midterm exam tmr, blessing to all my college's friends*

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violet blue 提到...

haiz.. ya la.. v always think like tis when v r lazy.. its all excuses for us to keep on lazing around.. so clear your mind and do your part as a student..when u think of somebody who looks down on you or your family.. then u have the strength to fight.. jus fight for the fame of your family.. go for it!