One more month to go

Just get the final exam timetable today.....
It is end at 10th December....[for me~xp]
Exactly one month from today~
Means I still have to struggle for one more month~
After that, I only can have feel of relief.......

It is still a busy week even research paper was done....
Though, I have finished my assignments on A.English already~
What are left are only Psychology PDP, CTS presentation, English Presentation
and the last one is still waiting for our economics' lecturer
(who always give us the assignment at last minute and give one weeks time for us to do >.<)

 Quizzes for economics and CTS will be having on this week and next week~
Hate the feeling want to study so much and struggles for 5 marks!!!!
But that is the system~

Few more weeks to go~~~~
Do whatever we can to grab more marks and pass it!!!!