Greatful being at hometown

Again I back my hometown this week….

Feel so good being back to hometown

but feeling bad and tired again for going back with the damn shit train~

The service become worst and worst….

damn hot and don’t know got open air-cond or not…

Poor poor and poor~

I’m going to complain this bad service and my friend told me the train was late bout 30 minutes when she back from Kampar~

Once again the reason for me to complain them~


I’ll complain them later on~

Let’s talk bout my days at Ipoh~

Initially someone promise me want to go watch Band Competition at stadium~

But the someone was sick badly and he become weaker and weaker~

Said so many reason til I cant blame him~


I rather stayed home and ask ren ren come to my house and chat wif me~

She is having her mid sem break~

So good ya~but still have a lot of homework to do~[is tat good or bad?]

Another day~

Is Saturday~

They have dated me to go to parade with them….

Ah ren, Ah Foong, Chee Foon,Mei Yan and me in one car….Chee foon once again fetch us~

Ah Su,Jiyuan and Betty jie at another car…of coz the driver should be Su su~XD


The way to parade was so jam…

Many cars and many people there….

As we are so clever…we din park inside the carpark but outside which nearby….

We plan to have some fun such as go for bowling or Kbox

The ren ren who get bored being stayed at Pahang few months ago…

Keep on telling wan to play enough enough~

Hahaha~Mayb she was in bad luck…..

Both bowling and Kbox also fully booking~

How poor it was~

We have no choice and we get bored walk around parade

As well as watching those ‘lala miu lala zai’ walked around….

And suddenly felt why Ipoh change so much edi since we move to other places?


After a discussion…..

We go to STARBUCKS have a short chat with our drinks…

A photo session goes on and on...hehe~

The drinks for us....
The one with black and white small book
and a pen were mine~
For 30 hour famine~haha~
They are my donor~
[Force them to donate~XD]

The resits with a total 83 bucks only for 6 small drinks...
How 'rich' we are~=.=

See this young little girls~
So greedy having all starbucks coffee~
2 girls are having photo session~
Soong and betty~

Our leng zai--Jiyuan~
Having his greentea~
Yeah~Here is my drink~
Me with my drink~
Jiyuan complain how can I just take their photo
then take my camera over...
The half face and body is betty jie~

Is greentea~Susu and jiyuan's drinks~

Having dinner with my mum
and my sister and me belanja my mum for her b'day~
As I forgot to buy cake when back home...
We plan to buy a small cake a pm and give my mum a little surprise~
Remember I first close all the lights pretend to sleep...
Then my sister together with me....
Go out and took the things inside our room~
My hand with a lightning big candle
and my sister with the small cake...
With that....We sang the birthday song to our dearest mother....
I love you mum~
After that,I try to have a webcam ing with my brother at SG....
He haven asleep and
we few--my mum,sister,my sister 'sui zai', me,with my brother at the other side....
Chat for a little while...
Which I think that moment was the sweetest moment for my mum as well as for me...
Happy birthday mum~
Hope you like what we have done for you~^^

The way back home....
see those scratch...=.='''